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Indian Ringneck Violet Dilute.jpg
Violet Dilute
Indian Ringneck Violet Buttercup.jpg
Violet Buttercup
Indian Ringneck Green Opaline_Blue.jpg
Green Opaline/Blue
Indian Ringneck Double Factored Violet Pied.jpg
Double Factored Violet Pied
Indian Ringneck Blue Opaline.jpg
Blue Opaline
Indian Ringneck Silver cinnamon.jpg
Silver cinnamon/ino ?
Indian Ringneck Non-sexlink Lutinos.jpg
Non-sexlink LutinosCock bred out of Blue Cleartail X Cobalt Cleartail
Hen bred out of Blue Cleartail X Darkgreen/blue/cleartail
Cock bred 2 Blue Cleartails when bred to Blue Cleartail hen
Indian Ringneck Violet Dilute2.jpg
Violet Dilute
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